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Watch how an iPad gets made

A lot of hullabaloo has been made in recent times about Foxconn and the working condition of the people who work in its factories. Unfortunately, we never really got a good look at how these people work and how they make the products, such as the iPad. That is until now.

Marketplace correspondent Rob Schmitz was recently granted access to one of Foxconn’s factories that manufactures Apple products, where he made a multi-part documentary about the working conditions of the people there, of which the first video shows how the iPad gets made.

The video is unfortunately quite brief and and more of it will be released soon. For now, all we can see is how the motherboard gets assembled, how the display is installed and how the gyroscope is tested. You also get a general idea about the people who work there, their working conditions and what they get paid for their work. Hopefully, we will see more of this video soon.



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