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Want Siri to use Google Maps for navigation? Just use this simple trick

Google Maps is finally available on the iOS and many users are surely wondering if it is possible to make Siri use Google Maps for routes and directions instead of Apple’s infamous Maps app.

As it turns out that’s not only possible, but quite easy too. It’s perfectly convenient, but it doesn’t require any hacking, so anyone can use it.

Every time you need directions or navigation to somewhere, just say “via transit” at the end of your request. That way you won’t get a response from the standard Maps, but you will be redirected to a page where you can choose between Google Maps and other (installed or not) available services.

If you choose Google Maps for instance, you will go to the app and it will display (or execute) whatever you asked for. Choosing an app from this list won’t be saved for further uses, nor is there a way to set it as default. So, every time you need to use something other than Apple’s Maps (so basically every time), just use the “via transit” phrase.

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