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Voice Search extension for Google Chrome does some Android magic on your computer

Guess what, the voice search functionality has just arrived to the Chrome web browser and similarly to the Android voice search functionality you can input text in the search box and even text fields. Thanks to the Voice Search extension you are now capable of voice input on every search box in the web. Just click on the mic icon and speak in your microphone.

There are a few preloaded services into the Voice Search – Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and WolframAlpha. But you can always add your custom commands in the list.

The Voice Search is experimental so it might have bugs or not recognize some words properly, but most of the comments are quite positive at this time.

If it’s not working on your Chrome (Chrome 9+) you will need to add ‐‐enable-speech-input to the Start In line.

The add-on is free and is available at the Chrome Extensions page and at the Chrome Web Store.


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