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Vodafone H1 has 720p HD video recording, but somehow they fail to advertize it?

Sometimes we can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever get what’s going on in the minds of manufacturers’ PR pros. Do you remember the huge PR campaign Samsung threw for Omnia HD? They never stopped bragging about its HD video recording, even though it barely hit 24 fps.

Well, in the case of LiMo-based Vodafone 360 Samsung H1 (yes, that’s a name for a single handset) the PR teams have gone in the completely opposite direction. They’ve managed to keep its HD-recording capabilities completely on the hush-hush.

Vodafone H1

We were just tipped about this from a reader and when I went to research the matter further, it turned out the 720p video recording has been featured in a press release dated back from 24 September. But somehow both Samsung and Vodafone PR teams have failed to make a point out of it. I really can’t think of any good reason why the Vodafone 360 Samsung H1 PR campaign did not involve the video recording, considering they did a really good job with Omnia HD ads.

The same reader that helped us clear the issue (thanks, Alex) sent us this YouTube video, which is actually taken by the Vodafone 360 Samsung H1 in 720p HD resolution.

The video sample is taken by some guy working for Vodafone but there’s nothing official about it:

As you may remember the rest of the Vodafone 360 Samsung H1 specs list also look pretty well and I surely am dying to take this baby for a spin. A huge capacitive AMOLED multi-touch screen, ARM A8 Cortex 600 MHz processor, 16GB internal memory, all kind of connectivity options and the new LiMo operating system, which is yet to prove itself. The 5 megapixel snapper with 720p video surely ads for a nice package.


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