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Vodafone enables carrier billing for the Android Market in the UK, Germany to follow

Carrier billing for Android has landed in Europe – Vodafone is the first operator to do it, starting with the UK and it will soon enable it in Germany too. Vodafone is expected to expand the service to other countries and other carriers should follow suit.

Carrier billing works by charging your phone bill for the apps purchases, so you don’t need a credit card. The simpler process should boost app sales, or so Vodafone hopes.

The service will initially work only for people who bought their droid through Vodafone. It should eventually offer it to everyone of their customers, regardless on where they got their phone (though there’s no official timeframe for that).

Carrier billing works for both pay monthly and pre-paid users. To avoid any shocking bills at the end of the month, single purchases are limited to £30 and the total cost of apps is limited to £250 per month.

That should be fine for most apps, but it might cause problems with buying SatNav apps (which are one of the few that cost over £30). Still, it’s better than getting a phone bill in the thousands due to some silly error.

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