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Vizio to enter computer segment with two AIOs and three notebooks, aims to disrupt it with ultra-low prices

Vizio is an American consumer electronics brand known for their highly-competitive prices that have made them such a hit in the continent. Now they plan to enter the Windows-based computer segment with these ultra-stylish notebooks and All In Ones (AIO).

There will be five models on sale, two of which will be AIOs, one with a 24-inch display and the other with a 27-inch display and the other three will be notebooks. Two of these will be Ultrabooks with a 14-inch and a 15.6-inch display and the last one is a regular 15.6-inch notebook. Unfortunately, other than the size, there is no information available regarding the specs on these machines.

Vizio plans to price these machines very competitively and disrupt the current Windows-based computer market the way they did with the televisions. But to me that’s not the best part. As you may have noticed that these machines look fantastic. The AIOs in particular look stunning, with the hardware tucked away neatly inside the base of the stand. The external subwoofer and a wireless remote are also nice touches. Just wish the keys on the keyboard were spaced out, though.

Vizio plans to release these models by the end of May this year but you could get an early look if you plan to visit CES this year.



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