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Vine ups video quality to 720p HD

Better late than never, as they say – Twitter’s Vine has finally entered the HD age. The service, which lets you create six-second videos that run in a loop, has just announced plans to upgrade the quality of its recordings. Believe it or not, Vine videos have so far been 480p.

Not anymore, though. Expect to see 720p HD videos on Vine (both through the service’s mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as embeds on websites) “over the coming days”. Above you can see an image that should apparently give you an idea about the quality differences, since it shows the same Vine in 480p on the left and 720p on the right.

We don’t even want to speculate on when (or if) Vine will finally decide that 1080p videos are actually a pretty good idea in this day and age of 4K 60fps content making it to YouTube. Anyway, Vine’s improved resolution is said to be the result of some unnamed “technical upgrades”. When it comes to creating new Vines, those with iPhones will be able to automatically get the higher resolution. On the other hand, Android users should “rest assured” that this functionality will make its way to them too at some point in the near future.



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