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US Patent and Trademark Office honors Steve Jobs, puts up 30 giant iPhones displaying his patents

The Patent and Trademark Office in the US has setup a new exhibit at their museum in Alexandria, Verginia to honor Steve Jobs, one of the greatest inventors of our time.

The exhibit consists of 30 giant displays designed in the shape of the iPhone placed next to each other in a rectangle. Most of the displays show the front page of over 300 patents and trademark filings that mention Steve Job’s name as inventor or co-inventor. The rest of the display show his pictures.

This is perhaps the best memorial for Jobs yet because it shows what the man was truly great at and known for. Sure, you may dismiss some of his creations but not only they made into successful products but also ended up serving as an influence for may others and although it’s not as if we won’t be able to live without them, they did make our lives that much better.

The exhibit can be visited till January 15, 2012 at the USPTO Museum. If you live nearby and respect the man you may want to pay a visit.



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