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Updated Google Goggles is faster, better at Sudoku than you

Google Goggles is a great tool for on-the-spot product research – just scan the barcode and Google will find reviews, prices and even check in-store availability for you. A new version of the Goggles app improves performance and lets you use print ads for quick searches too.

Oh, and Goggles 1.3 for Android has one more tick up its sleeve, something you probably didn’t expect – Sudoku mastery…

For a start, barcode scanning is speedier with the new version – just hover over a barcode (QR codes work too) and the phone will bring up the relevant search results in a second, vibrating to notify you when it’s done.

Ads in major US magazines and newspapers (printed since August 2010) can now be scanned too – snap a photo and Google Goggles will return search results for the product and the brand.

The final trick that Goggles 1.3 has to offer is pretty impressive indeed – it solves Sudoku puzzles. All you have to do is take a photo of the puzzle and Goggles will have the solution in seconds. It will take away from the fun if you use it on every Sudoku puzzle out there but it will sure save you a lot of frustration if you get stuck on one of the hard ones.

The new Google Goggles is available for Android (check the Market) and iPhone (as a part of the Google Mobile App for iPhone).



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