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Updated Facebook app for Android finally goes live, brings redesigned UI and faster performance

The highly anticipated update to the Android version of the Facebook app has finally hit the Android Market. With this new update, Facebook has introduced a new UI that should make your life a lot easier.

For starters there is now a bar at the top with that, just like the Facebook website, which gives you quick access to your friends requests, messages and notifications. You even get real time push notifications now. Another new feature is a left-hand menu that slides in from the side to give you quick access to your favorites, lists and the search bar.

The new app also makes loading photos and albums twice as fast. They have also made it easier to share photos, view comments and edit captions through the app. You also get access to your mobile timeline (if you have that feature) as well as games and apps.

To download the new Facebook app, head to the Android Market app on your phone or click on the source link below.



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