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Update to Google Drive makes file management easier

The Google Drive mobile application is a pretty nifty way of checking all of your cloud storage files on the go, but file management is a bit clumsy.

The latest update looks to fix that, by making file interaction an easier process.

Let’s say you want to star a document, share or rename it, or print or delete a file? Well instead of using the older, top menu bar method scrolling method, you just need to hit a button and all of the options pop up, ready to be used at your fingertips.

Fans of drive will also be happy to hear the Google has made the Slides application available for Android. So if you’ve got some presentations saved on your Drive folder that need to be edited or viewed on the road, then you’ll be happy to know you can get to work on them starting today. Just hit the source link below, or look up the application on the Google Play Store from your device and get to downloading.

Any Drive users out there using the new update? What do you think of the changes?

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