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Unannounced Samsung Galaxy Camera GN120 gets Bluetooth certificate, said to have phone functionality

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is so far unique in Samsung’s lineup and quite a rare beast in general – an Android-powered camera (especially if you don’t count the once that get announced but never make it to the market). It may not be lonely for long though, the Bluetooth SIG has certified a Samsung GN120 Galaxy Camera device.

The current Galaxy Camera has two versions – GC100 with mobile connectivity and the GC110, which is Wi-Fi only. Notice it’s GC, while the new device is GN. Samsung does have a trademark for Galaxy NX (NX is the company‘s line of mirror less interchangeable-lens cameras), but this device is explicitly listed as “Galaxy Camera”.

Even more interesting is that the Device Type field in the Bluetooth filing describes the GN120 Galaxy Camera as a phone. Both the GC100 and GC110 are listed as “camera”, so the differentiating factor isn’t the presence or absence of mobile connectivity. Perhaps we are about to see the first call-enabled camera from Samsung in the coming months?

Unfortunately the Bluetooth certification doesn’t tell us much besides that the device packs Bluetooth 4.0.

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