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Uber app may come pre-installed on AT&T phones

Uber’s social car service has become wickedly popular in a short amount of time and it seems like the company is always expanding.

In a move to get even more exposure and have more people know about Uber, the company has teamed up with AT&T to pre-install its app on the wireless provider’s smartphones.

The deal will stipulate that Uber’s drivers use AT&T phones, but no other details have been leaked. Not the number of phones on
AT&T’s network that will natively carry the application, or whether or not AT&T won’t allow users to uninstall the application off of their phones.

As much as Uber is loved and used by many, the news of more “bloatware” on your device might not sit well with some consumers.

How many of you have used Uber? What do you think of this service and do you think this is a smart move on AT&T’s part?



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