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TYLT RUGGD case for iPad Air review

The TYLT RUGGD case for the Apple iPad Air is the company’s first ever offering in the segment. As its name suggests, the protective cover aims to successfully combine toughness and ergonomics in a lightweight, easy to handle package.

The TYLT RUGGD case for the iPad Air features tough outer shell, combined with inner layer made of tiny energy-absorbing cushions. There is no cover for the screen of the iPad Air, so it is clearly aimed at active users. Read on to find out how it fares as a daily driver!

Design and build quality

With a yellow/black color scheme and shock absorbing elements around the tablet’s corners, the TYLT RUGGD does a good job of living up to its name. The case looks anything but understated and doesn’t hide its active lifestyle credentials.

TYLT RUGGD for iPad Air in the flesh

The above considered I find the looks of the RUGGD attractive and in line with the styling of TYLT’s product range. Clearly, users searching for understated protection for their iPad Air will be better off looking elsewhere.

The materials used in the making of the TYLT RUGGD are all of high quality. The case is made of premium vulcanized copolymer – a material normally used in aerospace industry (TYLT is so proud of it that they invite you to Google the substance). It will easily deal with daily use and abuse.

TYLT RUGGD handles the job of keeping the iPad Air intact with ease. The edges of the tablet are triple-reinforced, so accidental drops are not a problem. I had the misfortune to test the credentials of the case on my own iPad by accidentally dropping it while on the go. The slate survived the drop without any damage.

There are plenty of shock absorbing elements around the case

However, provided protection isn’t exactly perfect. There is no bundled screen protector with the TYLT RUGGD, so despite the well-though out protruding edges, the display of the iPad is essentially left to fend for itself. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you budget for a solution to the problem.


At 212 grams, the TYLT RUGGD is reasonably heavy. An iPad Air with the case on weighs about the same as an iPad 4 without a cover.

There is a built-in stand with the RUGGD which feels a bit flimsy and doesn’t have any preset positions. It does the job just fine.

The kickstand does the job

All buttons of the tablet are covered, yet easy to operate. The Lightning port remains exposed, therefore easy to access.

Wrap up

With slightly quirky appearance and fuss-free ergonomics, the TYLT RUGGD is in an interesting proposition for anyone looking for a case which doesn’t feature the normally ubiquitous screen cover. The cover does a good job of keeping the iPad safe without compromising its ergonomics.

The lack of a screen protector is somewhat of a letdown, though hardly a deal breaker. Normally a must for this type of cover, I reckon that its omission from the retail package might have something to do with the fact that the RUGGD is TYLT’s first ever case designed for a tablet.

The TYLT RUGGD is priced at $49.99 at the manufacturer’s online store.


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