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Tylt Energi 2K travel charger flash review

The Tylt Energi 2K travel charger is a product of a successful Kickstarter campaign by the young company. The gadget brings together a typical USB charger and 2,200mAh battery in one bright-colored package.

Founded in 2011, Tylt quickly established itself as designer and manufacturer of quality products with characterful design and quality ergonomics. Read on to find out about the company’s latest creation!

All about it…

Tylt Energi 2K charger features 1 Amp circuit for rapidly charging a connected device. Its prongs fold away for when away from the power outlet. A universal USB port allows you to connect any device with a compatible cable (that’s most devices out there).

Tylt Energi 2K charger live photos

The charger’s built-in 2,200mAh battery is activated via a dedicated button. The latter has a light, which also serves as a battery level indicator.

Tylt Energi 2K is available in the company’s four signature colors – bright red, blue, black, and screaming yellow with a greenish hue. The latter in my opinion, is the easiest to associate the brand with.

The retail package consists of a charger and a user guide. There are no cables supplied. Like all Tylt backup battery offerings, the Energi 2K comes fully charged out of the box.

Using it…

The Energi 2K charger is as easy to use as any standard smartphone or tablet solution. You simply plug into the wall, connect your device via its bundled USB cable and you are good to go.

The gadget supports pass-through charging. When plugged into a wall outlet, it will charge the connected device first, then its built-in battery.

The device is light and has a slightly larger footprint than a typical wall charger. It is easy to carry around in a bad or a larger pocket.

Loving it…

The Tylt Energi 2K charger is a convenient way for power users to reduce the clutter in their bags while on the go. It allows you to carry a single device as opposed to lugging a charger and separate backup battery.

The gadget is well put-together and looks pleasantly quirky in a bright color scheme.

Hating it…

At 2,200 mAh, the built-in battery is relatively small. It will not be sufficient to fill up just about any high-end Android smartphone these days. There are no bundled cables with the charger.

With a price tag of $39.99, it’s rather expensive. You can grab a standalone external backup battery with four times as much capacity for roughly half as much.

Wrapping up…

The Tylt Energi 2K charger is a high-quality, visually characterful, but slightly expensive way to save space in while on the go. I find the device easier to recommend to iPhone users with the cash to spend. Android power users will be better off looking elsewhere due to the charger’s limited battery capacity.

The charger is available in Tylt’s online store, as well as on Amazon.


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