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Twitter unveils group Direct Messages and video sharing

Twitter is mostly a public social network, but it improved its private messaging experience with Direct Messages for groups. Another change today is the ability to record, edit and share short video clips publicly.

The new features will be rolled out gradually to all users, but you can view videos and be invited into conversations by people who have already gotten access to the features.

The group Direct Message option lets you start a private conversation with your followers, even if they don’t follow each other. You can discuss public tweets privately using the new features or just use them as a conversation starter.

While Twitter bought Vine, a social network based on 6 second video clips, it’s adding the ability to share videos on its main site too. The videos are longer but still short, they are capped at 30 seconds.

Normally you capture the video from the app itself, though on iOS you can grab a video from the gallery. This will be added to the Android app soon.

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