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Twitter kills #music service

About a year ago, Twitter announced their #music service that allowed users to stream music from the dedicated #music iOS app and follow your favorite artists on Twitter.

After a lukewarm response from users and prolonged lack of development on the app side, Twitter finally announced that they are killing the service. The app has been pulled from the App Store and those who downloaded it will be able to use it till April 18, which is when the service completes its first and final year.

Unlike most music streaming services, Twitter #music instead relied on services such as Spotify, Rdio and iTunes to stream music to you. More than actual listening, the service was made to promote and share the music you are listening to. Unfortunately, there are far too many ways of doing this already and being US and iOS (iPhone) only didn’t really help Twitter’s cause. So now we have one less service to care about. Not that anyone did.



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