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Twitter introduces photo tagging and multiple image upload

Taking a page from Facebook (pun definitely intended), Twitter has added two new features to its service regarding the way you upload and share features. Now you can tag people in photos and also upload up to four at once.

Before, you had to manually add usernames in a tweet to tag people, which took up precious characters (some of which were already taken by the photo). Now, you can tag up to 10 people in a photo without using any additional characters for the usernames, leaving more room for your tweet. You can also choose who can tag you in a tweet from the Settings.

Secondly, you can now also upload more than one photo at a time, which was so far impossible on Twitter unless you used a third party image uploading service and added links manually. Now, you can choose up to four photos at a time to add to your tweet.

The feature currently is available only on the iPhone and will be available soon for Android and other platforms. Even on the iPhone, the feature may not be available immediately after downloading the update, so you’ll have to wait for some time for it to roll out in your region.



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