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Twitter for Android updated, gets push notification and multiple accounts support

They took their sweet time with it but Twitter has finally updated the Android version of their mobile app to include two of the most requested features; push notifications and multiple accounts.

As the name suggests, push notifications gives you updates about your @mentions, direct messages and tweets instantly without you having to manually refresh or set an automatic refresh duration. Having personally tested this feature I can say it works as advertised.

Multiple account feature is also here to make our lives easier. You can just switch from your timeline by pressing the Menu button and selecting Accounts. Each account also has its own push notification settings you can choose to disable it for a particular account if you wish. Actually, that would be enable, because push notifications are disabled by default for some reason.

The widgets have also been updated and now you can choose to have your timeline or just your @mentions visible in the widget.

All in all, a good update that makes Twitter for Android finally feel complete. It still may not be as nice as TweetDeck but I’d use it for the push notifications functionality alone. The app is available for download on the Android Market for devices running Android 2.1 and later.



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