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Twitter extends its self-serve advertising to small businesses

As of Thursday, Twitter opened up their self-serve advertising model to small businesses, allowing them to place ads on the company’s messaging platform, just as large businesses have been able to do since 2010.

an example promoted tweet from a small business

Twitter have been looking for greater ways with which they can increase their advertising revenue, a step such as this will add a lot of value to a company already estimated to be worth $8 billion.\

The concept of “promoted tweets” has been used by Twitter with large businesses since 2010, however these were set up on a case-by-case basis. Following the original launch of this service, in November last year the company then set about improving the system and providing it with the capabilities to support a far greater volume of ad transactions.

Testing of these enhancements was then rolled out to a small number of clients, which has progressed to the stage we find ourselves at now. There are still limitations on this new service, but small businesses can now purchase advertising and promotional space, provided the advertiser or merchant in question has an American Express card.

The service will of course broaden its reach to businesses dealing with other banking systems in due time, but we’re yet to find out as to when this will be.



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