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Twelve South PlugBug lets you charge your MacBook and iPad through a single port

If you’re tired of the iPad charger hogging an extra slot on your wall socket or one of the USB ports on your MacBook, then Twelve South has just the device for you. Called the PlugBug, this neat little accessory snaps on top of any MacBook charger and lets you charge both your iPad and MacBook simultaneously.

Of course, it’s not just limited to the iPad and the standard USB port will allow any device that supports USB charging to be charged from it but the iPad will benefit the most from it due to its hunger for power that can only be satiated with a powerful charger and with 10 watts and 2.1 amps on tap, the PlugBug has all the power it needs to provide the fastest charging experience on the iPad.

Unfortunately, the PlugBug currently has only one slot and only works with the US charging ports. And if you use the Apple provided extension cable for your MacBook charger, the PlugBug is pretty much useless for you. Also, at $34.99, it’s a bit expensive. But if that does not bother you then you can pick one up from the source link below.



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