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Turn your iPhone’s iOS into OS X with this stunning mod [VIDEO]

Ever wanted to have the OS X experience on your iPhone 4? We are afraid we are still some way off from having the real thing, but this latest iOS mod that we found is one great start. Dubbed Ultimatum and naturally only available to jailbroken iPhones, it mimics the Lion OS X quite successfully.

Customizations run really deep here and the mod even introduces new features including Launchpad, Finder menus, stacks etc.

The mod is still in beta, so it’s not publicly available, but you can gain access to it by making a $3.50 donation to the developer. There will be some bugs, for sure, but it still seems like a good deal, considering the effort it took to create such a mod.

You can check it out in action in the following video:

Just imagine this thing running on an iPad instead (we do) – it would be incredibly cool. Here’s hoping a tablet-friendly version pops up soon!

If you are interested in what’s currently available, though, follow the source link for detailed description and information on how to get the mod up and running on your iPhone 4.

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