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‘TripTrap’ for iOS game review

Cut the Rope started a trend of several casual games where the objective is to collect three items scattered throughout the level while solving puzzles or dodging obstacles. The latest game to use this formula is TripTrap, which features a mouse and your objective is to collect the pieces of cheese placed strategically around a maze.

Although one might think the formula has become old now, in the end it all depends upon the execution and TripTrap does seem to have some new gameplay mechanics. So let’s take a look and see how this new game is.

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In TripTrap, you are a mouse who runs around the maze. He runs in a straight line and you can’t make him stop or turn around. If he reaches a corner he just curves around it and continues walking upside down or upright. You can make him jump from one platform to another directly above or below him and that’s the only control you have. After a few levels, you also get the option to make him run faster.

Scattered around the maze are obstacles you have to dodge to collect the three pieces of cheese in every level. The dodging becomes tricky since you can only jump from platform to platform and can’t stop or turn around.

Initially, you will be facing stationary traps that are easy enough to dodge but later levels have moving traps that are much harder to avoid. Also, the cheese pieces in later levels also have a timer, so if you don’t collect them in time they rot and become unavailable. You don’t have to collect all pieces in a level or any at all for that matter. You can simply make a dash for the exit. But you need a certain number of cheese pieces to unlock the next level set.

The game comes with four sets of levels with twenty levels each. There is also a puzzle mode for each level set, where you can play the same level again but this time you get a limited number of jumps, so you have to calculate your moves precisely in order to collect all pieces and finish the level.

The game grants you helmets that give you temporary invincibility against traps and obstacles. You get four by default and more can be purchased using in-app purchases. This is the only time the game uses IAP and and it’s really not much of a big deal since you can actually complete the game without needing any helmet at all.

The gameplay is quite simple in initial levels but the difficulty ramps up quite nicely later. You need to be quicker on your feet (or thumbs) if you have to make that jump in time and a bit of planning is required to make sure you are going in the right direction. This is not a frustratingly difficult game by any means but it is just tough enough to give you a challenge without annoying you.

Graphics and Sound

Visually, TripTrap looks really nice. The graphics and animations are all really well done and have a high level of polish to them. I played the game on an iPad Air and the game looked superb on the high resolution Retina display. Audio-wise the game is nothing special but doesn’t leave much to complain about, either.


TripTrap turned out to be a surprisingly entertaining package. The gameplay is fun with a fair amount of challenge that should appeal to adults and kids alike and it looks great too. For a dollar, you do get a sizable amount of entertainment for your money.

Rating: 8/10
Pros: Fun, challenging levels, attractive visuals
Cons: None in particular

Download: App Store

This game was reviewed on an iPad Air.


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