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The new iPad browser benchmarks are here

Lots of people are using the iPads just for web browsing so naturally the browser benchmarks matter a lot. We’ve put all the three iPads and the Transformer Prime through SunSpider and Browser Benchmark and the results are now out.

Long story short – the new iPad seems to offer the same browsing performance as the iPad 2.

Shocker? Don’t think so. Both the new iPad and the iPad 2 use same CPUs – the major player responsible for most of those scores. Surely the bigger screen offers a lot more viewing estate, but this is where the new GPU kicks in, so no game changer in the scores here either.

The new iPad 3 scores equal if not marginally lower results than the iPad 2 on both test. See for yourselves.

Browsermark scores

Higher is better

  • Apple iPad 1
  • Apple iPad 2
  • Apple iPad 3
  •      Asus Transformer Prime

Sunspider 0.9.1 scores

Lower is better

  • Apple iPad 1
    2887 ms
  • Apple iPad 2
    1788 ms
  • Apple iPad 3
    1817 ms
  •      Asus Transformer Prime
    2085.2 ms

We are already working on the new iPad review. You can expect more tests and benchmarks in there.


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