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The Metro IE 10 in Windows 8 does away with plugins, Flash included

As you probably know, Internet Explorer 10, the version of the world’s most popular browser that will ship with the Windows 8, will come in two different flavors – Desktop and Metro. Now the desktop is a pretty standard affair, but we found some interesting bits about the Metro version.

Apparently, the Metro IE 10 won’t support any plug-ins and that includes the famous Adobe Flash Player. According to Microsoft getting rid of plug-ins will lead to improved battery life as well as security, reliability, and privacy for consumers, so the company chose to do an Apple and put performance over functionality.

Of course, the x86 systems will also have the Flash-enabled IE 10 desktop browser, so it’s not like the whole OS will be Flash-less. Even ARM-based tablets might at some point get alternative Flash-supporting browsers, but that’s not guaranteed to happen.



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