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Latest Nokia Lumia 925 ad shows an iPhone 5 turning people into flash zombies

The recently released Nokia Lumia 925, which is basically a Lumia 920 in a new thinner and lighter shell, but also a supposedly improved camera lens. The last bit is probably why Nokia chose to focus on the imaging capabilities of its new flagship in its latest ad video.

Featuring a bunch of zombies, we have to admit the promo clip is quite cool.

The new Lumia 925 ad makes fun of the zombie faces (white faces and red eyes) that other smartphones’ flashes cause in low light. Good thing that the Lumia 925 itself has OIS, so it doesn’t always need to activate the flash. Now the benefits of the OIS for shooting low-light portraits are dubious, as the technology is better suited for other tasks, but that’s not the point here.

Enjoy the video!

You can check our preview of the Nokia Lumia 925 right here.



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