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The iPhone 5 gets a teardown, reveals goblin-made screws and unicorn blood battery (not really)

Looks like someone managed to get their hands on an iPhone 5 ahead of the launch date and as any normal person would do with a brand new super expensive device, chose to open it up and expose its insides to the Internet.

Now this is not the usual iFixit teardowns that we are used to seeing, with their surgical precision and quirky humor. Instead we get a completely silent teardown from iPhone-Garage with just pictures to tell us what’s going on. (Update: iFixit teardown is now online. Link inside.)

The motherboard and the chips are also not clearly detailed so the only point of this is if you really wanted to know what the insides of the iPhone 5 looked like, which to me seems mostly the same as the previous phones except it’s all more tightly packaged due to the thinner body.

Interesting thing to note is the display, which as before, is fused to the front glass. In fact the entire front panel seems to be one piece, with integrated Home button as well as earpiece, microphone, sensors and camera assembly. We’ll need to wait for the iFixit teardown to see if it really is all integrated into one piece.

You can find more pictures here.

Update: The iFixit teardown is live.


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