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The international iPad App store goes online as Apple starts accepting cash payments again

The iPad is still not sold outside the US officially but there are plenty of units that made it to Europe (including the one we used for our own review). The big problem was, that those were unable to access the App Store and you had to rely on iTunes for applications downloads. As of today however this issue is solved as the international App stores started rolling out.

Europe and Australia are already covered and I’m guessing the rest of the world will follow suite really soon (if it hasn’t already).

Meanwhile, Apple succumbed to the media pressure and revoked their “no cash payment” rule, which forced customers to use credit cards for the purchases of iPhones and iPads.

Initially introduced to help enforce the limit of 2 devices per customer, the policy was axed following a TV report about a woman on fixed income, who with no credit or debit card to her name was unable to buy the gadget she has carefully saved up for. The victim was compensated with a free iPad, delivered to her home today by two Apple employees. Geez, who would guess that the guys at Apple are such a warm-hearted bunch!



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