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The average smartphone user downloads 26.2 apps, only 5.6 of which are paid

Here’s something interesting – ever wondered how much apps the average global smartphone user downloads? Do you want do dig deeper – how much of that average consists of free and how much of paid apps? Well here’s a statistic that gives us some clue.

According to data, collected by Statista using Google’s Our Mobile Planet initiative the global smartphone user downloads an average of 26.2 apps, of which 20.6 are free (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Search, Google Maps, etc.). The information is accurate as of March 2013.

If we look at the list it’s easy to break it down even further. South Korea leads Switzerland by very little as the top country in terms of app download average. However out of 40.1 apps downloaded by the average South Korean smartphone user only 2.7 are paid. In contrast, the Swiss user pays for 9.4 out of 39.8 apps.

Japanese users are leaders in paid apps – paying for 17.5 out of their 36.4 app average, leaving only 18.9 of said average to free apps. It seems the Japanese market would be most lucrative for app developers.

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