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The Babolat Play Pure Drive: a smart tennis racquet

Want to stop sucking at Tennis, but can’t afford a good instructor? Well Babolat may have something that’ll help you out: the Play Pure Drive.

Essentially a tennis racquet that is packed with sensors, Babolat’s racquet measures vibrational and gyroscopic data and displays how many forehand and backhand hits you’ve made and where exactly you hit the ball on the strings. You can then use this data to delineate your tendencies and try to correct them and improve your game.

The data is synced via Bluetooth, where all of the tennis-centric metrics are pushed to your smartphone or device of choice. You don’t need to interpret all of the data yourself though, because Babolat’s software will give you suggestions on how to improve your swing.

If you feel like seeing how you stack up against the pros, Babolat also lets you check out how your skills rank amongst their team of pro testers. Whose on their team? Well Rafael Nadal is on the list, so you know, no big deal.

The racquet weights as much as a regular old one, more or less, so it shouldn’t hinder your playing style.

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