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The 32GB Nexus 7 is real and selling at the Staples

Remember we told you a couple of days ago about the 32GB Nexus 7 appearing on the Staples Advantage online store page with an approximate launch date of October 18? Turns out, it was the real deal. According to a tip sent to The Verge, one of their readers was able to walk into a Staples outlet and purchase the 32GB model.

This person, who seems to be aware of the launch of the 32GB model, called his local Staples store to confirm if they have it in stock, at which point he was told that they did. After that he went to the store, exchanged his recently purchased 8GB Nexus 7 for the 32GB model that costs $249 while paying the difference.

The 32GB model, as you may have noticed, costs the same as the 16GB model previously did. This makes me wonder what will happen to the 16GB model and if Google will use it to replace the 8GB model, although that seems unlikely as they are already selling the 8GB model at cost so they can’t just double its capacity. So then it seems the 16GB capacity would likely be discontinued.

Just to be clear, no official announcement has been made of this product yet, although we should be hearing something about it in the upcoming October 29 event.



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