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Tesco sends a Galaxy S6 unit in space to celebrate launch

Tesco was keen to mark the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 with as much bang as possible and went all out sending a unit into space. Tied to a special space balloon, the smartphone is accompanied by a trio of GoPro cameras monitoring its every move.

Launched from an undisclosed location within UK’s Peak District national park, the balloon soared 32.5km to the edge of space surviving 160km/h winds and temperatures as low as -57 degrees Celsius.

You can follow the Galaxy S6′ journey on Tesco’s Youtube channel tomorrow starting at 11am UK time. The stream will be broadcast live here, but it will remain private until the time comes.

There’s an element of competition to the whole event, and the person who tweets “DROP” and “#S6EdgeOfSpace” at the exact moment the balloon bursts, “will win the phone”, in Tesco’s wording. Now, apparently, a different device will need to be shipped to the lucky winner, as we don’t see this one making it back to planet Earth in one piece.

Once it starts hurtling down, a new competition will be launched, with the crowd now tweeting “LAND” and the same hashtag, trying to guess the time of landing. A Galaxy S6 edge will be up for grabs in this one.


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