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Telescope accessory for iPhone 5/5s costs slightly less than a trip to the moon

Thanko, known for gadget curiosities like USB staplers and USB-powered allergy masks, has another interesting product in store – a telescope designed for the Apple iPhone. It can be used with naked eyes but put on an iPhone 5 or 5s and you get 100x magnification so you can play astronomer.

The iPhone 5 Astronomical Telescope kit includes a telescope with 700mm focal length, a tripod, ocular lens, iPhone 5 case to hold the phone and a number of other accessories.

The thing is rather pricy though – $382 from Japan Trend Shop, not counting the $89 for international shipping.

If you already have a telescope handy, you can try the Orion SteadyPix instead – it’s a universal adapter that will hold just about any phone up to the eyepiece of a telescope. It costs $55, so there’s enough left over to buy a telescope too.

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