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Tegra 4 coming in 2013 with LTE support

A leaked roadmap for the Tegra 4 has spilled some beans on Nvidia’s next generation mobile SoC. Assuming this image is authentic, we won’t have a Tegra 4 device with us before the first quarter of 2013, meaning Nvidia is not quite keeping up with its promise of delivering a new Tegra processor every year.

The first model to come out will be for flagship devices and will use the ARM Cortex A15 processor in the 4-PLUS-1 configuration and clocked at 1.8GHz. The next flagship processor will be out in Q3 and will take things up a notch by increasing the clock speed to 2.0GHz.

There will also be two processors meant for mainstream devices. One of them will use the A15 but the other will use an A9. What’s interesting about this second one is that it is listed as having LTE connectivity, something that the current Tegra 3 does not have. Nvidia did say that the Tegra 3 will be getting LTE support but we are yet to see that happen.

Unfortunately, this processor will come out in Q3, 2013, which is a long time from now. Hopefully, Nvidia manages to get LTE working on its Tegra 3 processor, otherwise OEMs will have to keep avoiding Nvidia chips in markets that have the LTE network.



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