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‘Swing Copters’ update makes the game playable

Last week when I reviewed Swing Copters, I complained about the inane difficulty level that not just made the game challenging but simply unplayable. It seems I wasn’t the only one though, as a lot of people uninstalled the game minutes after installing it due to the difficulty level.

That seems to have been a good enough wake up call for the developer, who has released an update that makes the game easier and actually playable.

For starters, you now have a few seconds to try the controls and get used to the game’s dynamics before you are thrown into the hammers. The hammers themselves have been slowed down and are practically not even a threat any more. The gap between the metal bars also seems to have been increased. Lastly, the flight mechanism of the propeller hat has also been altered and it is easier to control now.

If you try the game after the update it’s quite easy to reach double digit figures now. The game is still difficult but to an enjoyable degree and not punishingly so. I actually had fun with the game after the update.

On the iOS version I also noticed the option to change the character’s appearance but it’s not found on the Android version. Also, the Android version still does not have the option to pay and remove the ads that the iOS version does.

If you still have the game installed, you should update it. If you uninstalled it, you should give it another shot. It’s actually fun now.

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