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SwiftKey Note for iOS image leaks

It seems popular keyboard maker for Android SwiftKey is working on an iOS version. But because of the way iOS works, you can’t have a universal custom keyboard outside of a particular app so now it seems we are getting SwiftKey Note.

SwiftKey Note seems like a note taking app along the lines of the Fleksy keyboard app. Basically, this app will let you type whatever you want using the custom SwiftKey keyboard and all the features its known for and then you can copy paste the text in any other app. This is an extremely roundabout way of doing things, which probably explains why keyboard apps haven’t taken off on iOS but it seems SwiftKey is trying to make do with what they have.

So far the leaked image by evleaks is the only source of this keyboard existing with no official announcement yet. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on it but I doubt you will be holding your breath for it.



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