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SwiftKey 4 with Flow hits the Google Play Store

SwiftKey has released the final version of the SwiftKey 4 keyboard on the Google Play Store. The main feature in this update is the inclusion of the new Flow feature.

What SwiftKey Flow does is that not only does it let you enter words by swiping your finger across the screen but you can also string together entire sentences without lifting your finger.

If you are a SwiftKey 3 customer, you can upgrade to the new version for free. The update is available for both the standard as well as the tablet version. If it’s not available for your device or region yet, it should in some time.

Both the standard and tablet version of SwiftKey 4 are on sale right now, selling for a dollar each. If you want a good keyboard for your Android device, SwiftKey fits the bill perfectly. You can download the standard version from here and the tablet version from here.



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