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The successor of Flappy Bird will be named Swing Copters

The ultra-popular time-wasting phenomenon Flappy Bird will soon have a successor. The upcoming title by Dong Nguyen will be named Swing Copters.

Swing Copters will feature similar gameplay as Flappy Bird, except it will reportedly be even more difficult. The key difference between the newcomer and its predecessor will be the direction of the action.

The propeller-headed main character of Swing Copter will be moving upwards and will try to avoid the obstacles with swinging motions. The little fella in Flappy Bird on the other hand, moves horizontally and tries to avoid obstacles by flying up and down.

Here’s a short video of Swing Copter gameplay.

Swing Copter will be released in this week, on August 21st as a free download with ads. A version without ads will cost 99 cents.



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