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Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik leaves Samsung, praises the Galaxy S4, but hates TouchWiz

Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik, the leading man behind the popular CyanogenMod, joined Samsung in mid-2011 but now, less than two years later, he left the company. He had spent some “quality time” with the new Galaxy S4 and had some words to share about it.

For one, he seems to be a fan of the device, saying in a Google+ post that it “blows the competition out of the water” and feels more solid than the Galaxy S III he loves and uses every day. What he had to say about TouchWiz was less pleasant.

Kondik concedes that TouchWiz has improved lately, but still likens it to ancient Froyo and calls UI performance “average”. At least he seems excited about the tons of new features that the Galaxy S4 brings – Air View, Multi-window and the camera pointed out as favorites, while Smart Scroll doesn’t get any love.

One interesting thing to note from the post is that Kondik says he’ll “probably” be buying the T-Mobile Galaxy S4 (unless the bootloader is locked) and that since it’s powered by Snapdragon, CyanogenMod will work wonderfully. This lays to rest any rumors that CM won’t support the Galaxy S4 (how could it not if the boss has one?).

The other thing is that there’s no mention of CyanogenMod’s own attempts at multi-window multitasking feature that Google reportedly forbade (but Samsung went ahead and made anyway, being the biggest Android maker earns you some leeway).

Well, go ahead and read Steve Kondik’s post about the Galaxy S4 and TouchWiz.



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