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ST-Ericsson, Samsung confirm that I8530 Galaxy Beam and Galaxy Ace 2 use NovaThor chipsets

ST-Ericsson and Samsung officially unveiled what many already suspected – Samsung is using NovaThor chipsets for more than the Galaxy S Advance. The other two phones that make use of the platform are the pico-projector packing I8530 Galaxy Beam and the mid-range dual-core droid, the Galaxy Ace 2 (which just went on sale in the UK and Germany, by the way).

The Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam packs a NovaThor U8500 with its two Cortex-A9 cores clocked at 1GHz and a Mali-400 GPU. This puts the Beam in the same boat as the Xperia P, U and sola.

The Galaxy Ace 2 relies on the same chipset, though its CPU is clocked at 800MHz. Since there’s no dedicated 800MHz NovaThor model yet, so there’s a good chance it’s simply using a downclocked core so chances are the Ace 2 would overclock to 1GHz without issues, but that remains to be seen.



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