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Sprint’s giving 50,000 US students broadband at home

The White House launched an initiative, ConnectED, which aims to give 99% of US students high-speed internet access within the next five years.

Sprint has decided to partake in ConnectED by pledging broadband internet service to the homes of 50,000 students in the US.

So how does Sprint intend on carrying out its promise? Schools that are selected to be a part of the program will receive up to four years of Sprint’s Spark Connectivity internet service. The schools will have to apply to be a part of the program, and qualify, of course, before Sprint connects students to the web.

Since Sprint isn’t exactly ubiquitous when it comes to service coverage, a lot of the availability will depend on whether or not Sprint Spark Connectivity is available in the schools’ area. Another qualifying factor is the quality of the schools’ digital learning programs. The schools that are approved for the program will need to fork over some cash for mobile broadband devices, and then each device will receive 3 gigs of wireless high-speed data every month.

The ConnectED program is an initiative that is looking to give internet access to students from lower-income areas, to help them have the same quality of education as those who are constant web access.

What do you think of the plan and Sprint’s involvement? Does it feel good to see big companies give back?

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