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Sprint releases weird collection of ‘Framily’ plan commercials

In an effort to bring in more subscribers, Sprint has really been pimping out their ‘Framily’ plan, which pays out bigger and bigger discounts for more friends and family members you pile onto your monthly bill.

They want to let the world know about the great savings that can be had, so they’ve decided to do that by releasing a series of weird family-centric commercials where humans are the children of animals. The real question is, why has Sprint taken on this bizarre approach?

The ‘Frobinsons’ family ad depicts the father as a Hamster, a daughter who speaks French and is surrounded by animated, flying birds, a young son with a southern US accent, and a mother who looks the same age as her New York hipster son.

When you consider that the Japanese cell phone carrier, Softbank, purchased Sprint, their new advertising approach seems to make a bit more sense. Back in the land of the rising sun, Softbank was able to rise to the number 3 cell phone provider in the country with the aid of their weird, borderline nonsensical commercials. Just check out a Softbank commercial featuring Tommy Lee Jones as a maid with superpowers, and a talking dog as the head of the household.

It may have worked for Softbank in Japan, but America is an entirely different market, and the Japanese humor or approach to advertising may not translate well in the States.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Frobinson’s? Or do you think that Sprint needs to focus on just improving their service coverage?

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