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SoundHound introduces ‘Hound’, a voice search app like no other

Google recently showed off its machine learning skills at Google I/O, but this is likely to blow even Google’s socks off. Presenting Hound, from the people who made SoundHound, the music recognition app. Hound is an app that uses voice search to find you relevant information, just like Siri or Google Now. Just that it’s way, way better at it.

Hound gives you quick search results for all your queries. You don’t have to mollycoddle it with specific queries that won’t fall within its search parameters. We already got that to quite an extent with Siri and Google Now, both of which can understand natural language fairly well, but they can still only deal with one query at a time.

With Hound you can throw multiple questions at it in one single query and it can crunch through all of them and spit out the answer at you almost instantly. It’s also great at conversational queries, where you can ask a question and it will ask for additional information to process that data and based on what you provide it can ask for more questions or provide the answer. It can also deal with queries that have multiple variables and then use them to provide results that exclude the specified items. It’s all very impressive and can best be experienced in the video below.

Hound is coming to iOS and Android soon, and is a private, request-only beta for Android right now. You can find more information on how to get it in the link below.



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