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Not really a surprise but it’s worth noting that just like the brand Sony Ericsson, its website is no longer in existence. Entering that URL now directs you to a brand new website:

Sony has completely revamped the site and it looks nothing like the old one. Along with a new design and navigation you would also notice that the number of products on display has vastly been reduced. For example, the oldest phone you can find on the site now is the Xperia X10. You will find the full list, however, in the support section.

The product pages have also been improved, with a separate gallery section having large, high resolution images of the products missing from the Sony Ericsson website, along with a new specifications page.

Depending upon the region selected, the site will also offer you the price of the respective phones and accessories along with an option to purchase it directly from there.

You can click here to go to the main site and then select your region from there to check it out for yourself.

Thanks, Ajay!


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