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Sony Xperia ZR gets its own charging dock

Sony recently unveiled the younger sibling of Xperia Z, the Xperia ZR smartphone. And much like its bigger brother, Sony Xperia ZR will get its own charging dock.

The charging dock DK28 provides an easier way to charging your smartphone without actually needing to open the micro USB protective covers.

The dock allows you to check and write messages, browse content on your Xperia ZR while your smartphone is charging. The DK28 works with the smart connect app that lets you decide what happens when you connect your smartphone into another device. The app allows you to pre-configure your Xperia ZR to initiate functions and opens applications on connections.

Images of the Charging dock DK28

Unfortunately, the charging dock is not available at the moment, but the company is expected to release the accessory to the market in the upcoming days.

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