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Sony Xperia Z may be using Dragontrail glass on the front, Gorilla Glass on the back

Sony is traditionally very tight-lipped about what kind of tough glass it uses on its smartphones, but during a press conference in Hong Kong the proverbial beans might have been spilled, at least as far as the Sony Xperia Z goes.

And the answer seems pretty weird – Sony uses two different materials from two suppliers for the front and the back glass of the device.

The well-known Corning Gorilla Glass is used for the back, while Dragontrail is used for the front. Dragontrail doesn’t quite have the brand recognition that Corning has, but its products have similar qualities and have apparently been used on the Sony Xperia go (which routinely gets, uh, “mishandled”).

Unfortunately, the Sony Xperia ZL wasn’t at the event so we don’t know which glass it uses (its back is plastic, so there’s only one). Also, knowing Sony this will be the last we hear about toughened glass suppliers, so this isn’t 100% confirmed.

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