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Sony will announce new Xperia smartphone on June 21 or earlier

Last week Sony put a teaser on its Facebook page about a new Xperia phone announcement. It was supposed to happen today at 11AM GMT, but after almost half an hour of delay Sony unveiled, well, another teaser.

Hopefully when the timer reaches zero a new Xperia smartphone will be announced. If you are impatient, you may even help speed up the coundown.

Now that our frustration has worn off, here are a few interesting details. As it is today, the new Xperia phone will be unlocked on June 21 (from the original June 22). If you join the Xperia Fast-Forward campaign and click on the button on the page, you will be able to reduce the timer. In addition, you can win the new Xperia handset.

We guess the Xperia phone to be announced is the 13MP droid codenamed Hayabusa. It has previously leaked through a Sony roadmap and is supposed to hit the shelves this July for an estimated €500.

Just a piece of advice, Sony – next time when your (first) counter goes off, just announce the thing, please!



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