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Sony unveils WG-C20 Portable Wireless Server, lets you stream content to your smartphone

Sony has just announced a new portable streaming device that lets you stream video, music, and images to any compatible wireless device in range.

Not only that, but it lets you charge a connected device via USB, and even stream content to a DLNA-compatible TV.

The WG-C20 is chock full of connectivity features, and comes in a stylishly slim profile to match the current line of Xperia devices. The WG-C20 can wirelessly cast content from a inserted microSD card, or even an connected USB drive. You can then share the content to wireless devices via a quick NFC tap, or stream it through DLNA. The WG-C20 can also charge your devices via USB with a 5v, 1.5A output rate.

Sony has released a promotional video for a quick run-through of all these features.

The WG-C20 will come in Black, White, and Purple, and has a November release date, although pricing has not yet been revealed.

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