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Sony RX1 spotted, allegedly packing a glorious full-frame sensor

After stuffing in a one-inch sensor inside the point and shoot RX100, it seems Sony is now going to put in a full-frame 35mm sensor inside an upcoming compact camera known as the RX1.

The RX1 looks like something that is barely larger than the RX100 but with a bigger lens to go with that ginormous sensor. The lens in question is a 35mm f/2.0 Carl Zeiss lens that looks like it’s removable but is fixed to the body. Despite being fixed the lens has manual focus and aperture adjustment dials just like on removable lenses so those used to DSLRs can feel at home.

Due to the fixed nature of the lens the RX1 is not going to be pocketable like the RX100 but it’s still looks way smaller than most DSLRs and not even close to those with a full-frame sensor inside.

Other noticeable features include a focus mode dial next to the lens, built-in flash on top with a hot shoe next to it for another one or a mic, mode adjustment dial, shutter release with a power ring and an exposure adjustment dial.

With a sensor that big inside, you can expect some amazing image quality from this camera. Unfortunately, it seems that it would come at a hefty price of around $2,799. Still, for someone who wants a high quality camera that isn’t the size of a handbag, this seems like a very good choice.



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