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Sony Pictures Entertainment under massive hack attack, employees sent home

Just a few months after Sony’s Playstation network was knocked offline after being hit by a DDoS attack, hackers have compromised Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer network, stealing sensitive data and forcing the company to shut down its systems. According to a Reddit user, who claims to be a former Sony Pictures worker, the following image appeared on all corporate systems:

The hackers claim to be part of a group called #GOP, which refers to Guardians of Peace apparently, although the request referenced in the image isn’t yet known. According to The Next Web, the ZIP files mentioned in the image contain documents pertaining to financial records along with private keys for access to servers. The publication also said that a source within Sony has confirmed that the reported hack is real, and a lot of company staff were sent home, as the hack rendered systems unusable.

Hackers have warned that if their demands aren’t met by November 24th at 11:00PM GMT, they’ll release all the data they’ve captured. When contacted, the company said, “We are investigating an IT matter.” There has been no development since, despite the passing of the set deadline time.

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